About us

Relevant Security Corp provides Real Privacy Management™ (RPM) technology that offers transaction-level continuous, mutual authentication and security for data and electronic communications between all nodes on any network. RPM patented technology delivers true scalability by utilizing small code size and superior computational efficiency which solves the performance and security issues associated with today’s current applications. RPM is small enough, fast enough and efficient enough to perform continuous mutual authentication and security of all transactions in near real-time on any device.

The core technology Real Privacy Management (RPM), is a secret-key authentication and security technology, and the RPM application for SSLX® – Secure Sockets Layer eXtended, supported by multiple granted Patents.

How it works

Relevant Security has developed applications for using RPM to secure IP networking, VPN, WAN optimization, Web traffic, email, instant messaging, file transfer, VoIP, mobile data, mobile commerce, mobile communications, enterprise search, and enterprise data security.


with near real-time performance improving, network operation


10KB code size so security can be embedded in any device and any protocol


supports true federated trust, allowing you to place trust nodes in any topology to support secure peer-to-peer or network transactions


to understand, validate, integrate, use and maintain

More secure

using continuous authentication, securing every transaction

Export Control

The following information pertains to the classification of Relevant Security products that contain cryptography.  Relevant Security products are controlled by regulations of the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). Classification is based on U.S. export classifications, as issued by the U.S. government.  All exports and re-exports of Relevant Security products are governed by these regulations.  If you are located outside the U.S., please review your obligations to comply with local country import and export regulations, as well as your obligations to comply with U.S. government regulations as it relates to products classified under U.S. export controls.

The following designations for Commerce Control List (CCL) applies to Relevant Security products.


Information Security – Hardware (data confidentiality encryption greater than 64-bits in key space)


Information Security – Software (data confidentiality encryption greater than 64-bits in key space)

The following U.S. government Export Administration Regulations (EAR) apply to Relevant Security products with License Exception ENC.

Products that meet §740.17(a) criteria


RS 10

RS 100

RS 1000

RS Software Stack

Products that meet §740.17(b)(1) criteria


RS 10

RS Software Stack

Products that meet §740.17(b)(2) criteria


RS 100

RS 1000

The following Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System (CCATS) code numbers have been assigned to Relevant Security products by BIS as BIS has classified the products against the Commerce Control List (CCL).

RPM SDK – CCATS #: G077144

RS 10 – CCATS #: G080832

RS 100 – CCATS #: G080832

RS 1000 – CCATS #: G080832

RS Software Stack – CCATS #: G080833


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